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Erica Jankovich
& Associates

Digestive Health Dietitians


We are approved and registered with all the major medical aid schemes.Our rates are competitive, group sessions are more cost effective than individual consultations.

Individual Consultations:

First Appointment 60 minutes – we need the first half of the appointment to take a detailed medical and dietary history. Once we have established and agreed on a treatment plan we will then spend the second half of the consultation giving the client a detailed explanation which will be accompanied by the appropriate printed resources.

Appointment 90 minutes – more difficult, complicated cases may require a longer consultation.

Appointment 30 minutes – the follow up appointments are usually this long but can be 15 minutes if part of the weight management package.

Targeted Nutrition Programmes:

As we have a few different programmes of varying lengths, please contact us for more information on these specific packages.

Group Programmes:

This will be discussed at your first appointment if relevant.

Medical Aids:

Invoices are prepared to comply with medical aid guidelines, but our contract is with the client.
It is the responsibility of the client to submit their own accounts for reimbursement.
Most medical aids have an allowance for dietetic care, please contact your medical aid to discover what their level of cover extends to.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our current rates.

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