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Digestive Health Dietitians

Patients referred to our practice may choose to consult either on an individual basis or in a cost effective group setting.

Individual Consultations

On referral you will be allocated an appointment with an associate dietitian in your area. Your consultation will involve a full assessment followed by a treatment plan. A follow up appointment will be booked before you leave. We also offer individual Skype consultations should it be more convenient for you.

Group Programmes


We run group programmes in association with EatFitSA. Research has shown that this is a very effective method of dietary therapy. Peer support and cost effectiveness are the top two reasons why people choose a group programme. Our network of specialised dietitians run various programmes in Cape Town and Gauteng.

EatFit for IBS
This 16 week programme uses an approach called the low FODMAP diet, which has been proven to be highly effective in reducing irritable bowel symptoms. The programme explains the diet, offering comprehensive guidelines on how to exclude FODMAP foods and then supports patients with the reintroduction stage. Finally allowing patients to truly understand their food triggers.

EatFit for Better Digestive Health
This is a one off group session to provide all the tools for a healthier gut. It will banish all dietary myths, answer your questions and teach you to eat properly for better health inside and out. It is followed up with a 30 minute individual phone or Skype call.

Talks and Health writing

The practice is experienced in health writing projects and public speaking. We are also interested in clinical research projects. Please approach us if you have a project in our field that you would like us to get involved with. We can tailor make our service to meet your needs.

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